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Downloadable Songs

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Free Soil Minstrel

General Taylor's Old Rough and Ready Songster.

Log Cabin and Hard Cider Melodies

Log Cabin Song Book

National Clay Melodist

National Clay Minstrel, and Frelinghuysen Melodist

National Greenback and Labor Shot and Shell, Original and Selected

Rough and Ready Songster

Scott and Graham Campaign Songster.

Songs of the Rivers of America

Songs for the People.

Stacy's Songster

Tippecanoe Song Book.

The Freemen's Glee Book

The Harrison and Log Cabin Song Book

The Liberty Minstrel

The Campaign of 1856. Fremont Songs for the People.

The Democratic Campaign Songster.

The Republican Vocalist

The Wide-Awake Vocalist; or, Rail-Splitters' Song Book.

White Ribbon Hymnal, or, Echoes of the Crusade

Young Lady's Songster

Funeral March

Funeral March: Performed at the Funeral of Abraham Lincoln

Funeral March to the Memory of Abraham Lincoln, the Martyr President

Grafted into the Army

King Alcohol

Let Us All Speak Our Minds If We Die for It

Listen to the Mockingbird

Lost on the Steamer "Stonewall," or, Mamma! Why Don't Papa Come Home?

The Slave Mother's Lament

Steamboat Bill

Song and Chorus, McKinley Protection

Songs of the Rivers of America

The Drunkard's Child

The Grange Polka

The Watchword of the Free

The Slave Mother's Lament

We Are Coming Father Abraam, Three Hundred Thousand More

We'll Fight for Uncle Abe

The Alliance and Labor Songster
Opening Song
The Future America
A New National Anthem
To the Polls!
The Mortgaged Home

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