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Project Overview

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This web site provides a fully searchable and indexed digital library of some of Samuel Clemens' publications under the name of Mark Twain, placing special emphasis upon Twain's Mississippi novels and reminiscences (The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Life on the Mississippi). These works serve as lenses through which the public may explore additional text, image and sound materials, drawn from the participating libraries, describing the Mississippi Valley that Mark Twain remembered and imagined in writing his classic works of literature. Combined with Twain's works and original interpretive essays written by consulting scholars, these materials illuminate important aspects and themes in the society and culture of the Mississippi valley in the period 1830-1890. These themes include Twain's on-going discussion of the course of Americans' western settlement and their conflicts with Native Americans; the emergence of a new American economic order, replacing Twain's world of villages and steamboats with railroads and factories, the emergence of genteel culture and westerners' reactions to and interpretations of it; and the saga of America's sectional crisis, Civil War, and Reconstruction.

How to Use This Site

Please use the top navigation bar to search/browse primary source material (text, image, video, sound, and maps. Use the left hand navigation column to read the interpretive materials that provide a backdrop to the primary source materials available on Mark Twain's Mississippi.

Please note that in order to view the DjVu images (available from the larger image pages), you must install the free viewer. It is located here.

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